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 Awake, #Bastian
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The healing process was by far the hardest. The hardest that she could have ever imagined. She wasn’t used to being without him just yet. And the fact that she had laid her head to rest in an empty house had ripped her to shreds. The island was no place for her anymore- that little house that they had called their own was now a memory of her past. Why? It wasn’t that they had come in and ransacked the home and had burned it to the ground. That wasn’t it. Nicholas had made sure that they were tucked away on the beautiful lands away from the Elite’s village. He made sure that she had enough room to plant her gardens vastly and bask in the beautiful light of the sun whilst listening to the roaring waves that had come crashing to the island. It was pure bliss- it was her home that he had rebuilt. A home that had been rebuilt thousands of times but she had always found herself comfortable wherever she had landed. Wherever he had put her. But to look at that home now was sickening.

Nicholas was gone.

From weeks of staying in that house alone and without him, she had cried herself to sleep. Five hundred years and so on of being near him, close to him, loving him… and it was all washed away. Just like that. All thanks to the binding bit of evil they had found themselves in. The man who was ruthless and stopped at nothing was gone. The strongest man she had known. Dead, missing, something. He just wasn’t there anymore. It was only her. And she couldn’t stand it. She couldn’t be around to see that empty bed and not hear his voice echo through the doorways as he called for her to greet him. She had lost so much and to lose him now was the topper on the cake. Surely she had wanted to die. She had wanted to be with him wherever he was- but she had to stay strong. Moira had to keep herself moving for her own sake. Even if it did kill her.

Trying to think of where to do from here and what to do, Moira sat at her table and awaited a sign. Something that would tell her where to go and what to do. Did she flee this place? Did she run as far away as she possibly could and hide? That was when the knock had come to her door. That bright face that she had known for so many years greeting her with such pleasant and soft eyes- a comforting voice to follow. Bastian Greengrass was always the man that Moira had turned to her in her younger years when they were all still united. Sure it had angered Nic to the point he would have turned green with evny, but there was nothing to worry about. Even though her feeling for Bastian had also been at a peak back before she had said her vows to Nic, she knew better than to act on them. For the sake of her love and her marriage.

Though in those moments he had picked up her pieces. He had whisked her off her feet and assisted with moving her elsewhere. Somewhere else where she didn’t have to live in the pain and agony of not having him around. Not being able to see where his last footsteps had wandered- not being able to hear his voice and long for him again. It was then that he had done the unthinkable. Their old home. Their old village. Moving back to that small little corner in Scotland, Bastian had rebuilt it all for her. He had given Moira the home- everything. Everything was back to it’s original look. Just as she had envisioned through the passing centuries- wishing for nothing more than to go home. The house, of course, was just as she had left it. Sure a few updates and what not, but it was beautiful. The Garden that she had put her long hard work into was all there. The pathways, the fountain, the arches, the everything. It was a mystical place for her. A place where she could have gone to get away from everything.

This, right here, was her home. All of this was her home and she couldn’t have imagined a better place than this. It was back to the usual dress wear and sunhats as she would scurry through her gardens. Gawking at the beauty that it had unfolded. It was beautiful. It truly was. Inhaling deeply, moira stopped before her bedroom mirror and had taken in a long deep breath. Those bright blue eyes bright with the sunshine as she would peer out her bedroom window every now and again. The smell of Autumn approaching. Soon she would have to watch that beautiful garden fade to nothing. But for the time being, she would enjoy it.

Changing into a comfortable outfit, Moira continued down the stairs and out the back door to her garden. Inhaling deeply she smiled and continued to the very center of it all- the heart of the beauty. There she found her seat as she admired every flower that had still been hanging on. ”Next year.” she gleamed. But before she could continue any further conversation with her garden, long legs had approached her- long legs that led to that familiar handsome face. ”Bastian. You’re home.” Home. She perked, biting her lower lip as she took a stand. So far within these passing months he had done so much for her- so much to the point she could begin to feel herself falling for the one she had long ago. Depending on him.. And his touch. ”At the school again?” she smiled. ”Or elsewhere being your dashingly tricky self?” With slow steps she approached him, wrapping her arms around his shoulders for what had seemed like forever. Unwilling to let go.

He was the only thing she had at this point. Moira couldn’t lose him also.

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