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 summers, antonella r., 22 | allies | gina rodriguez
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callum summers| 46 | pureblood

alejandra summers | 47 | pureblood

---- summers| 18 | pureblood

lucca | owl

alejandra was 23 when she attended the 1998 quidditch world cup and met callum summers, a young quidditch equipment designer. the two became very close during the tournament until england was eliminated and they were both forced back to their normal lives.

alejandra moved to wales when she accepted a spot on the holyhead harpies. she came in contact with her summer fling, callum, in a cafe and immediately picked up where they left off. after a year of dating and living together, the couple welcomed their first child into the wizarding world.

as the couple's first child, antonella stole the attention of many including a page in the daily prophet. her mother quickly went back to training after having her, leaving her with her adoring father.

the summers family welcomed their second child into the world just four years after the birth of antonella. young antonella was very disappointed he wasn't a little sister and she was adamant about fulling his hair into bows daily.

as a child the two had rarely been dragged to parties and gatherings. their parents were both considered higher profiled witches and wizards, especially to other pureblood families, and they desperately wanted to keep their children out of it. however they would find out in later years their father was protecting them from elite soirees where he didn't find it safe for such young developing minds.

their childhood was spent primarily at quidditch stadiums between their mother playing and their father trying out new equipment. by the time antonella received her letter to hogwarts, she was no novice to broom riding. she was sorted into hufflepuff but soon found herself homesick and missing out on quidditch matches. as a distraction, antonella jumped into an extremely social life and never slowed.

when her brother arrived to hogwarts, anto quickly took him under her wing and took care of him. the girl was thrilled to finally have someone so near and dear to her - besides, misery loves company, right? although her brother didn't need the help, he seemed to appreciate antonella caring.

alejandra retired after the 2014 world cup. from then on antonella could feel the eyes shifting towards her as she began her second year on the starting line-up on hufflepuff's quidditch team.

antonella and her brother became annoyed with her social ranking and they grew apart in her sixth year. it wasn't until her last year did she set aside time to hang out with him. antonella had quidditch scouts keeping an eye on her as she desperately tried to keep normality. however, it was this year that changed their entire family's lives.

over the winter break was when he stumbled home in such a gruesome sight. their father quickly identified it as a wolf's bite, among claw marks of course, and rushed to his son's aide. the rumour was to treat such wounds with dittany and silver, items that were easy to find in their home due to their parents' occupations. it was a frightening night for the entire family and certainly, one they rarely speak of.

the summers family moved that summer from wales to billericay, england as what they claimed would be a fresh new start just weeks before antonella accepted a position on the puddlemere united team. despite an active schedule that summer, antonella spent all of her free time comforting her brother and helping him in any way she could. things were rocky for a very long time.

things began to settle down into a new normal for the house of summers. for two years her brother coped with this new life and all antonella could do was to keep in constant communication with him via letters.

around the same time that the first publicized attack happened, antonella was invited to join england's national team. if she worked well with the team she could find her name on the roster in the upcoming world cup. such an offer made her elated but she refrained from telling her family when she caught word about the students at hogwarts all turning unwillingly. antonella swept aside her news to comfort her parents back home. a letter sent from her brother soon informed them of the event in detail and his fear for his own safety. there was nothing the summers family could do to save their youngest.

antonella convinced herself she needs to get onto the international team and use her platform to speak out about the attacks. maybe bringing more light to the situation will help.

during her first international practice, antonella found her arm beautifully sliced by a shard of wood from another player's broom and sought medical aid. the young women were injured in some way nearly every practice but nothing was ever too major for her to ever sit out. each time she received medical attention from a beautiful trainee. the majority of the time she was being treated, she was flirting with her.

just three games into the tournament she joins her parents in retrieving her brother from school but just as her eyes meet his he was taken by force from the station. horrified and scared beyond measure, antonella is finally given an opportunity to speak upon recent events when three journalists corner her on her way to the pitch the following morning. she is unable to think clearly as the frightened look on her brother's face continues to haunt her as she tells them how horrendous these attacks have been and the need for them to stop. driven by her personal attachment to the situation she comes off less knowledgeable and more emotionally unstable to the journalists who spun the story to their liking.

now it was too late. the public knew one of england's newest players was in support of werewolves. antonella had opened herself to backlash and potential danger. it was soon released her brother was indeed a werewolf and she came across backlash in her matches following. however, it was an early match in july, late in the tournament, when things escalated. antonella was defending her team's keeper and sent the bludger soaring from sight. her attention went to her seeker, speaking to him with a simple nod to make sure he was okay when she was struck from behind by another bludger. antonella flew into a chaser from her team and they both fell from the sky. both players were taken to st. mungo's, it was there antonella started her treatment for a fractured a vertebra in her spine. two centimeters was the difference between normality and being paralyzed.

antonella's parents requested to move her back home while continuing treatment due to fear of any other attack. it wasn't a coincidence that backlash had risen right before her injury. antonella felt a mix of emotions - fear for her brother, sorrow for those who were imprisoned, anger for the loss of her career - that she resigned from the puddlemere team as well.

the beautiful trainee that use to heal antonella during her international practice was assigned to take care of antonella's home treatments for her spinal injury. it was honestly the only light in her world. the healer saw every part of antonella and became someone she could talk to about everything. it was this healer who informed antonella about the allies, refugee's and kozlov's were banning together to raid the camps. as much as anontella wanted to leap into action and be there to wrap her arms around her brother she was unable to. antonella had only begun to walk again since her match and she was in no shape to go into action. the summers family opened their home to the injured in the raid an those who were still separated from their families. they were finally reunited with their youngest member and antonella was determined to never let him out of her sight again. in time the dust settled and the summers family felt a weight was lifted from them. they were safe and they were together.

in an effort to cope with her loss of career, antonella took the open flying instructor position at hogwarts. not only was she able to get closer to the game of quidditch but she was able to spend more time with her brother.

anto is a great public speaker, she's especially great at under pressure public speaking with the exception of being emotionally compromised.

she is a friendly and good-spirited person. rarely does she mention any grief she might be suffering as a result of her great misfortunes - she'd much rather focus on the person she's with.

she's always willing to try something new and takes it on with a laugh, though she's often fueled by competition. she's easily influenced by crowds and alcohol. although she can act like a ten-year-old one minute she be mature as can be in seconds.

no matter how long it took for her to get it done, she puts her all into the thing that she does, no matter what because, really, what is the point of anything if you don't plan on doing it to your very best ability?

she is prone to trouble, most often caused by herself, as she is too curious for her own good. she often wanders into things and needs help out. although she gets herself in trouble a lot, she has the quick wits to get herself out, or at least halfway out..

she's known to have emotional outbursts due to her fiery temper and emotional impulsiveness. give it a moment, it'll pass.

anto has a serious sweet tooth. sweets are by far her biggest weakness, right up there with her family.

other character name

veronica is a tired young women who works two jobs in illinois. she has been rping for a long time but she's not sure as to when she actually started. she lives a busy life but promises to post as often as possible. she is easy to be reached via discord. she's a cat lady despite being highly allergic to cats. she enjoys drawing but rarely has the energy to do it cause she's lazy after work lol
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I think I'm done poking at this app. The more I add to it the more choppy it gets. Gotta stop me before it gets worse! xD
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Congratulations and welcome to Wit Beyond Measure! We are so happy that you have joined us! Now that you have been accepted, please get on over to the claims and get those done! Then go and get your plotting on! Happy writing!

❤Dez, Red, Silver, & Alexandria

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