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 Wild Eyes, Agnes
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wild eyes
Being back in Hogwarts was like being in some sort of dream. Or a nightmare. Sometimes, it was hard to determine the difference between the two, though. The entire experience was almost hazy, in a sense, and Felix couldn’t tell if that was because the place had changed so little or he had changed so much. Being there felt wrong. The last time he’d been in those castle walls, the world hadn’t been at war. Sure, he’d attacked some students against his will when he was forced to change at a party, but the whole matter had been dealt with. Most of the students were fine. He hadn’t hurt anyone too badly – years of trying to learn how to control himself and how to get out of crowded situations when he was in that state had taught him enough to inflict less damage than some of his companions. Since then, everything had turned to shit.

When wolves were taken from their homes, Felix had gone back to Russia, seeking help from his pack there. The battles that ensued were long, tiresome, and not without their sacrifices. But, Felix never lost faith. He never worried that he had chosen – if he could even consider any of it a choice ¬– the losing side. He was on the right side of history. Through it all, he certainly never thought he would step foot in Hogwarts again. Either he would die before then or werewolves would be banned from certain professions – like those that forced them to be surrounded by children – in the aftermath of a good outcome for the war. He liked to think his joining the Ministry for Magic for representation for werewolves had helped avoid a decree like that.

So caught up in war and work, Felix let most thoughts of Hogwarts slip from his mind entirely. Though, through it all, there was one thing that still laid heavy in his heart. One person. Agnes McEachern. The blonde he’d been in love with practically since the two had become friends. The woman who was pregnant with the baby of a man who was literal scum – a man who’d helped incite their war. He needed to let that silly little crush go. They were no longer compatible as friends, let alone anything else. She was aligned on a side he could never join. He’d had a war to fight, and she had a lover and baby on the way. There was nothing else that could be done for them. Felix always hoped that, one day, they would reunite. That he would be able to see her and not need her with an urge so intense that it threatened to rocket his heart out of his chest. One day, he’d be able to call her a friend again, and truly mean it. But, until then, he needed to cut ties with the woman. He needed to respect her new life, even if it pained him so much there were days he could scarcely breathe through the need to write to her, talk to her, just see her.

When he’d been told of her near-death experience, it felt like the world had stopped spinning. Felix felt his heart crack, so loudly and deeply that he swore his packmates would have been able to hear it from wherever they were in the world. No sooner had he finished reading the words in the letter that described what had happened than he’d dropped everything to go to her side. He didn’t even get to read far enough to know if she was stable or not. All Felix knew was that he needed to be with Agnes, and neither hell nor high water could stop him. Neither the Ministry nor Hogwarts staff even tried to prevent him from seeing her, which surprised him slightly since they weren’t family or together in any sort of way, but he wasn’t one to complain about having a smooth time for once.

When, at last, he’d managed to get to her bedside, she was doing much better than he’d anticipated, but still looked paler and more fragile than Felix had ever seen her before. A friend of hers whom he’d met a handful of times, Beatrice Bones, had one of the unconscious woman’s small hands wrapped in both of hers, and the curly-haired Hufflepuff looked on her with such a focus that Felix almost felt intrusive to break it. Almost. After a brief exchange and update on her condition, Felix insisted that she could leave and get some rest. He would wait for Agnes to wake up. He was here now, and he would take care of her. And so, he sat beside her, one of his large hands enveloping both of her tiny ones as his free hand gently stroked her cheek. “Aggie,” he whispered gently, wondering if she had any sense of what kind of world she was going to wake up to. Wondering if she would even want to wake up to this.

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