Late December, 2022
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We are a post potter site now rolling into the end of the year 2022. We welcome each and every one of you with open arms, eager to create many fun filled plots! As of currently, we have battled two site plots and are moving onward to our third! So please be sure to read all the plot updates and check on the rules! We are pleased that you have stopped on in and are more than eager for you to climb aboard the chaotic train! Also do note that we are an 18 years and older site! Level is shown below, as well as in our rules!



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 the rules, 12|12|17
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the rules
first off, welcome! we would like to welcome each and every single one of you to wit beyond measure! though just like every other site we do have rules and restrictions, which are subject to change at any time when the need arises. on that note, members are responsible to notice these rule updates, so we ask you check them out every so often. you'll know that the rules have been updated from the last time you checked by the date in the sub-header. though on occasion, the staff may alert you. now, allow us to begin as we venture down the list!


we do not permit bullying at all on our site! we do not permit god modding nor do we permit grouping. everyone is equal so, therefore, everyone will be treated equally. if we find any of this going on within the cbox or on the site in general, admins will not hesitate to pm and address the issue before we take any further action. if it continues, you will be removed. you will not be allowed to come back for that very reason! so, lets love one another equally. okay?


when registering please be sure to register as such; HARRY POTTER in all uppercase! if you make a mistake, however, we will fix it!


we urge you to fill out your entire profile when you join, either before or after your app has been posted! that being said, we also would appreciate it if you used the proper dimensions when plugging in your images. the avatar is 208x450, we know, weird dimensions, but... it is what it is! the "square gifs" in your info could be photos or gif images, as long as the height and width are the same. 100x100, 200x200, 145x145, 450x450, 123x123, doesn't matter, as long as they're equal. The rectangle image is 138x95, but if the image is a rectangle it usually works. if you cannot create the proper dimensions for the graphics, then take a look at the graphics shops of our members! thank you.

character creation

your first 3 characters are free to make at your own pace without the worry of needing to do so many post before making a new one. after those 3 you are free to make up to 10 provided each new character has five ic posts which must meet the word count of 350 word minimum, before you move on to making your next character, so basically that means you need at least five ic posts on each account before creating a new character, however the thread, or threads must be active with at least two replies from each participant. when you have made 10 characters, the previously stated post count requirements stand with the added requirements that you must get admin approval before making a new character. this is so we can help to make sure you are not stretching yourself too thin, which means that if we feel you are active enough, you may have more than the limit. however, this also means if we feel you aren't active enough, or you need more development with your already accepted characters, we may stop you from creating more.

to keep the ratio semi-even, we also ask that with every two females you include one male. no one likes a site overrun by females and no males making the ratio even. it is poopy! let's not be poopy!

we ask that you take a look at wanted ads when you join, especially if you're taking a canon that has a wanted ad up! because our members have established connections with these canons and made wanted ads for them, we have decided that their wants for the characters are canon on site as to not disrupt their flow of the site. these people also have the right to deny you taking their want.

also! when taking a want ad we ask that you are as serious as you can be and that you are willing to uphold your end for the person who had requested him/her. it is only fair to that person who has been longing for that ship/friendship/family member, you name it! (; when using faces we only permit somewhat known models, actors, actresses, and musicians. we do not permit other- so, if you are using a famous face from YouTube only we will have to ask that you change it.

application; when creating your character we ask that you have he/she completed before the one week mark. if your application has not been touched in those three days, it will be moved to the dead applications and the account will be deleted. if you still wish to pick up that character, and he/she is open, feel free to remake that account and go forth with creating once again. we can't have much needed characters collecting dust! so, please, don't take it to heart but things need to be done.

when creating new characters, you should only ever post one application at a time. so the initially posted application must be approved, accepted, and sorted accordingly, until such a time has come as that app has been approved thus any secondarily posted apps will be deleted without warning. this is your warning. we also ask that once a character application has been accepted, you take the time to develop and post with it before starting work on another application.

we also ask that you include some information in your app about the war between the factions, and how it affected your character! if it didn't affect them at all, include that as well! take a look at our timeline to see what's happened in the past year! this is required

claims are mandatory, and should be filled out asap once your application has been accepted. not before. just as your claims should wait until after acceptance, so should you. sadly we are only accepting fifth years and up! anything below will be denied almost immediately! sorry guiiss!


we are a literate site with a minimum of 350 words. no less. why you ask? for the simple fact is many of us do enjoy the depth's of role playing. we enjoy getting a feel for the character and a visual for what is happening around them. we do not ask that you have to match the length of your post with the other rp'er, just give it your all. also, we do ask to keep the activity rolling a minimum of three posts a month. this way even if life decides to be a bitch and give you hell, you should still be able to meet the requirements with no issues. if you are a freaking ninja and can hash it all out without any issues then heck yesss! that is what we love to see.

prioritization is must in all things, and so it is a key factor in replying to threads. we ask that you place higher importance on threads pertaining to the site wide plot than you might on a normal, individual plot thread. we are not saying to ignore your individual plots, we are simply saying your participation is what keeps site plots moving! such threads could be anything from site event threads, or group threads leading up to or involving a major site event. if you have to leave in the middle for whatever reason that you please let us know, no problems!

when you start a new thread with someone, please be sure that you can remain active in it. we have seen far too many threads sitting for weeks without replies, and it makes us sad. there is no reason any thread should go longer than two weeks without a response if you are active in others. if you can't keep up with this or don't feel the characters, then consider getting into less threads at a time or being up front with the other handler.

rapid fire is a term used across the rp community, but it's meaning can be a bit different depending where you are. since the majority of our site events are held in rapid fire format, we will describe what that term is considered to mean on wit beyond measure specifically. any thread that is labeled as "rapid fire" will have a 24 hour posting clock for every turn. this means that if you haven't responded to your turn within a day, you are at risk for being skipped in the procession. we don't have an iron clad word count for rapid fire, but we aren't looking for a novel. anywhere from 250-400 words is more than enough depending on the situation, in some cases less is more!


'active' is considered posting with each character at least twice a month or more this isn't asking a lot, but keep in mind, we expect more, especially out of characters that have been heavily integrated into the site wide plot. if the staff team feel for any reason that you haven't been active enough, we will contact you to figure out a solution. be aware, we may ask you to drop one or more of your characters if we feel you may be getting overwhelmed. it's to make sure things stay fun for you and that you aren't stressed.

DO NOTE if you have a major canon character and plots are not being motivated nor are posts being created within a three week span, You will receive contact from an admin and possibly loose that character. We don't like families lingering and plots at a stand still as we have stated various times before this. We do ask that you Plot out! Don't wait for others to come to you, get active and involved! We love to see this! We are a family here and we wish to stay that way!

if for some reason you have to disappear, please let us know. we don't have to have details, we know life happens, just tell us you have things going on and that you can't be around. maybe give us an estimate of your return. this is in your best interest, because if we don't hear from you people may assume you have left and seek out different plots. this causes a mess for everyone so to avoid confusion and hurt feelings, just give us a heads up.

if your character gets labeled as inactive after an ac, then they will be moved to the archives, and the claims will go back up for grabs. at this point, you may get them out of inactivity by achieving 2 posts with each character you want to bring back, whether it's a thread reply or starting two new ones! once you have made these posts, then you will need to send a message to one of the staffers so they will be able to move your inactive application out of the archives. if there is more than one, you will need to make sure to have 2 new posts with the most recent and still be keeping up to get any after the first.

we do have monthly activity checks. so please be sure to keep an eye out for them as well. must keep the muse flowing lovelies!


wit beyond measure is now a premium site. this means we permit so much more! buuuuut, the sad thing is we will only allow members of 18 years and above. anyone below that age line will be asked to leave. due to this 18 and above, you may not be able to see what the site has in store as far as threads. we do this because there are still younger viewers out there that can toss in whatever age that suits them. and because we have had a few younger viewers do so, we have made all threads visible to our members only due to mature content.

speaking of mature content, we have a mature board so that all our smut is in one place. we also understand that you can't always tell from the first few replies that a thread will be going in the smut direction, so with that in mind we'll be using the mod request form as a way for you, as members, to ask our staff to move your mature threads for you. Just leave a link and ask that it be moved to the mature board.

please be sure to note the image below. and happy role playing, my lovelies! <3

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