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 TIMELINE, MUST READ! updated: 10/10/17
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“ 2022-2023 ”
February bought about the first publicized attack from The Elite. Through careful thought, the higher ups chose specific students and a spare adult here and there and made their moves. The time had come to let everyone know who they were and what they were about.
March - After everything had seemed to have calmed beyond the horizon with little to no word of the Elite's, another attack had erupted from within the castle walls. Werewolf students forced to turn against their own will attacking others, some nearly killing close friends. This was the turn that had sent the Wizarding world into a tizzy. Horrified with what would happen next? What would their children do and have to face in time? Would they have to worry about their safety again? Fearing that the school can't seem to keep their premises safe.
April - After the second attack at Hogwarts, the Minister of Magic had called for a meeting. Whilst in the meeting trying to make his attempt at resolving the issues, he had been poisoned. Though, at his very own hand. Only to put the blame on the werewolf community and spring to collect them all. This happening had been a complete set up by the Minister (Leader of the Elite's) and his right handed fellow.
May - All stray werewolves have been collected one by one and forced into Dandyland camps, as they had called them. One was a more subtle camp, though horrific. The other was far more brutal and ruthless. Some even dying within in time. In this monstrosity, one by one they were collected. Even the leaders of the Refugee's and the rogue Koslov pack. Not having much of anything to do with the Minister and his shenanigan's they were now fully involved the moment he had wiped out the leaders and more than half of the Koslov Pack.
June - As soon as school lets out and students get off the train at Platform 9¾, the students marked as werewolves due to medical records at the school are rounded up and bought straight to the werewolf compounds, barely getting to see their parents if they do even get a chance.
July - Behind closed doors the Allies have come together with what had been left of the Refugee's and Kozlov's to ban together and attempt to take down the murderer himself. The main monster in this havoc - August Rosier. Planning carefully, they ready themselves for the big take over before pushing any further. Anything to get the innocent out and alive. Anything to get their families and friends back alive.
August - The month it had all happened- the month the Allies, Refugee's and Kozlov's band together as a whole and raid the camps. Fighting, killing, saving- all that they could do to get everyone out alive. It was then that the Leader of the Allie's had come face to face alone with the monster himself. In only a matter of moments and anger fueled words, the minister of magic had fallen to his death where he had belonged. (or where they had figured him to belong). But that wasn't the only thing that had happened in the mix of that fight- the leader, long time member and founder, had somehow wound up hit in the process falling to his death. Leaving behind a beautiful young wife.

After the chaos and heartbreak, families and friends had started to come together to clean up the mess that had been created and to lay their loved ones to rest. Anything to try and mend the open wounds that still seeped sore.

September - School opens as usual, grand feast, sorting ceremony, speeches from the teachers, all that fun stuff. Classes go on as normal, students are happy or not happy, but it's because of their personal problems, the war is over, peace has settled. For Now
October - Things have been going pretty smoothly both in and outside Hogwarts! Mercy is back where she belongs as Alpha, and what better way to celebrate than a Mercy Shots Halloween Bash! But that's not the only party happening, since there's also the Hogwarts Halloween Haunt! October is now over, so these events are considered in the past now, but don't worry! You can still post in them!
November - Current time!
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